The Trelleborg tour 25 km 

Trelleborg Centralsation

Start your journey at Trelleborg Central Station and follow the bike path eastward. Cross Järnvägsgatan and turn right onto Östergatan. Then, turn left onto Glasbruksgatan and follow it north to Engelbrektsgatan. Take a slight right onto Köpingegatan and follow it to Kyrkoköpinge. In Kyrkoköpinge, you will be greeted by a Dutch-style windmill built in 1873, and a church dating back to the late 1100s. The church gained stepped gables and image niches during the Gothic period. Continue your ride towards Gylle. Be cautious as the road to Gylle can be busy. Here, the typical Scanian landscape unfolds with beautiful fields, farms, and willow avenues. In the late 1600s, the king forced Scanian farmers to plant a certain number of willows each year. Despite protests, the benefits of these foreign trees were discovered: they protected against wind and soil erosion, provided firewood, and materials for baskets. Many willow hedges disappeared in the 20th century, but now the willow tree has regained its status and been replanted.  


Before you enter Gylle, you will see the four so-called Gyllhögarna from the Bronze Age on your right. The southernmost and largest mound has a granite stone with a rock carving depicting a footprint. On the left side, you will see the large Lundhög. On a clear day, you can see Trelleborg, Skanör-Falsterbo, the Danish island of Møn, and 24 church spires from the top of Lundhög. Once in Gylle, turn right and follow the road through part of Fjärdingslöv, then left towards Västra Virestad. 

Västra Virestad

With its winding roads, closely spaced farms, and a stream running through the village, Västra Virestad is a true Scanian idyll. Just north of the village (on the west side) is Ullahills magasin, offering fashion and home decor. If you cycle back a bit and take the road leading to Holkarna, you will reach Livex, which features Mediterranean-inspired plants, food, and ceramics. From Holkarna, take the road towards Bösarp. As you approach Bösarp, you might want to take a detour north (turn left and follow the sign for Fru Alstad) to visit the lovely little farm shop Norregård. If you are lucky enough to visit during the right season, you can buy freshly harvested asparagus. If you choose not to visit Norregård, follow the road into Bösarp.


Bösarp is a linear village situated where four roads converge. Here, you will find the famous Viking-era Bösarp Stone, the symbol of Trelleborg. The village also has a small local museum. Continue south past Södra Virestad towards Gislöv village. 

Gislövs by   

In the middle of the village lies a common area, an idyll with a stream and grazing animals. The church was once one of Skåne’s most richly decorated rural churches, featuring beautiful 15th-century frescoes. Follow the road towards Fjärdingslöv and then take the road towards Åkarp. On the way to Åkarp, you will pass Weinbergs at Idala Gård, a 17th-century Scanian farmstead that is now a hotel and restaurant. Follow the signs to Dalköpinge.  

Dalköpinge by

Dalköpinge consists of a few houses and farms. On old maps, the village was called “Berget” (the Mountain). Even in the 1800s, the population was so small that the priest wanted to demolish the small brick church, but fortunately, it was left standing on the hill. In the village, you will also find Bjerbo farm, which offers art, a café, and a shop. Follow the road leading back to Trelleborg. Soon you will see allotment gardens on both sides of the road. Here, you can either take the bike path down to Dalabadet or continue towards the center. 


Dalabadet is a popular beach with a 170-meter-long pier and an accessibility ramp. The area also features the Trelleborg Strand campsite and Restaurant Siluett. After your visit to Dalabadet, Sydkustleden will take you back to Trelleborg. The bike path westward towards Trelleborg passes by Östra stranden. This area was once home to many professional fishermen, and the beach still resembles a fishing village with small houses, long narrow plots, and outbuildings. Continue to the bike tunnel, under highway 9, and back up onto Östra Förstadsgatan, which will lead you back to the center of town.