Active life on the South Coast

Adventure Seekers

The landscape around Trelleborg is varied and interesting. From the long beaches along the coast, over the seemingly endless plains, to the lakes and hills in the north. Nature is an adventure in itself with all of its variations and nuances. Get your pulse going with a long bike ride or go for a hike along the coast. Regardless of what you decide to do, it will include a real dose of fresh air. Create your own adventure from your bike saddle or on foot along the Pilgrim Trail, discover what life is like under the water’s surface, go bird watching, try the mountain biking tracks or enjoy a whole day in one of our nature reserves.



The best way to explore Trelleborg and the South Coast could be on two wheels. Get to great swimming spots easily, get close to interesting sites and make a stop at one of the farm stores or a café when it suits you. If you want to go on a longer ride, follow the South Coast Trail, one of Sweden’s three national tourist biking routes.

To the bike tracks


Hiking is a fantastic way of getting away from everyday stress and checking in with yourself. With Trelleborg as a starting point, you can follow the Skåne Trail northwards over the plains or eastwards along the coast. You can also hike the pilgrim trail along Mariavägen where pilgrims have walked between monasteries for centuries.

To the hiking trails


There are four nature reserves with unique environments around Trelleborg and along the South Coast. Visit Dalköpinge ängar, Beddinge strandhed or Fårabackarna. Outside Skåre there is also a marine reserve with a snorkelling trail and close by you can find Maglarps sandtag with healthy populations of solitary bees and sand martins.

To the nature areas

Njut av att surfa på Skånes sydkust.

Kite- & Windsurf

Kite and windsurfers have truly found a home on the southern coast of Skåne. The beaches are easily accessible, and there are many locations to choose from depending on the direction of the winds. From west to east, you’ll find:

Skåre Skansar – an emerging spot on the kite map with a small south-facing sandy beach. Take advantage of it during southwest to southeast winds.

Beddingestrand-Skateholm – a stretch offering shallow waters and ample space for beginners.

Abbekås & Mossbystrand – a challenge for experienced riders, especially those seeking large waves. During southeast gales, you may even enjoy wave riding.

Palmstaden Trelleborg


Experience fascinating birdwatching on the southern coast, where the symphony of birds reveals its secrets. Skåne, with its unique ecosystems, is a paradise for birdwatchers. Bring your binoculars and explore the beautiful coastline where wetlands meet the sea.

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For more fresh air


Do you want to see eelgrass, sea anemones, or starfish? Put on your goggles, snorkel, and fins, and take a tour on Skåre’s snorkeling trail! Like a nature trail, but underwater, east of Skåre Harbor. Information signs are located at a depth of 1-2 meters and provide insights into the rich marine life. The signs are equipped with handles for snorkelers to hold onto.


Paddle is a trend that is here to stay. Perhaps it’s because of the inclusive atmosphere where beginners and experienced players, young and old, can come together and have fun? In Trelleborg, there are many courts available, both indoor and outdoor. And when you play near the beach, you have the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in the sea after the game!

Go fishing

Skåne’s coastline is over 400 kilometers long and offers many opportunities for open water fishing. Along the coastline of Trelleborg, you can discover some of Northern Europe’s best sea trout waters and enjoy a fishing experience beyond the ordinary. The coastline is accessible to anyone who wants to fish from the shore, while fishing permits are required for fishing in lakes. 

Tegelberga GKs golfbana.

Trelleborg + Golf

Trelleborg and its surrounding area offer diverse golfing experiences. We dare to claim that the region is a perfect golfing destination for those who want to try different course characteristics from day to day without traveling long distances. What’s even better is that the mild climate on the south coast often allows for year-round play on the courses.