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What accommodations are available in Trelleborg?

There are many hotels, hostels, B&B, campsites and private apartments to choose from. A list with further information is available on this page.

Where do I book accommodation?

 On this page, you will find contact information to each accommodation. There are also many webpages offering booking directly, including and Note that these webpages only show a subset of all accommodations available in Trelleborg (usually the larger hotels and hostels). 

Are there guest marinas?

Yes, there are guest marinas in Skåre, Gislövs läge and Smygehuk. You can read more about these, including available services, on this page

Can I set up my tent anywhere?

According to the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten in Swedish), you are generally allowed to tent in nature. There are, however, important exceptions. For instance, you may not tent close to residential buildings or on farmland. Larger groups also need permission from the landowner to tent. There may also be restrictions in nature reserves and recreational areas. You can read more from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


What is there to do in Trelleborg?

Take a look on the start page of Visit Trelleborg and click around to find lots of recommendations on places to visit! You can also consult this page where the points of interest are marked on a map. For further inspiration, you can check out the Visit Trelleborg Facebook page and Instagram. Current events are listed here.

What child-friendly activities are there?

Here, you can find a list of some child-friendly places and activities. Also keep an eye on the event calendar, particularly during school holidays, when child-friendly activities are often arranged. 

Where can I eat?

An overview of eateries in Trelleborg can be found here. You can filter the results based on what you are looking for, e.g. restaurants or cafés. 

Where can I read more about Trelleborgen, the Viking fortress?

You can read more about the Viking history of Trelleborg on this page. Some further information, including a map to the fortress, can be found here

Where are golf clubs in Trelleborg?

There are 3 golf clubs i Trelleborg municipality: Trelleborg GK, Tegelberga GK and Bedinge GK. In conjunction with the clubs there are also restaurants. Many local hotels and hostels also offer combined golf packages. You can read more about the golf clubs here.

Are there padel courts?

Yes, there are many choose to from. A list is available on this page.

Are there tennis courts?

Yes, here you can find further information (in Swedish).

When is Palmfestivalen, the Palm Tree Festival?

Trelleborg’s large festive weekend always occurs during the last weekend of August.


How do I translate Swedish websites?

Many websites, including Visit Trelleborg, offers both Swedish and English versions. There is a toggle between different versions, usually situated in the upper right corner or bottom of the webpage. If an English version is not available, you can simply paste the web address of the site you are interested in into Google Translate (or other translation service of choice) for a reasonably good translation.

Why do you have palm trees? Where are they?

Mikaeli Marketing Committee (arrangers of the precursor to the Palm Tree Festival) came up with the idea to put Trelleborg on the map. The idea was approved by the committee’s chairman Egil Ahl. In the spring of 1984, city gardener Peder Hagested and the marketing committee’s Alf Näslund went to Alicante in Spain to buy 24 palm trees for the profit from the local coins that were then sold in Trelleborg.

The palm trees have become something of a symbol of Trelleborg, which is often called the City of Palm Trees. Today, there are about 100 trees scattered throughout the city during the summer. The largest are along Hamngatan, west of the ferry terminal.

Why is the city named Trelleborg?

The name of the city long remained a mystery. Did it perhaps come from tre lejons borg (eng: three lions fortress), tre legohjons borg (eng: three mercenaries fortress) or maybe trälarnas borg (eng: fortress of thralls)? When a Viking castle was excavated in the late 1980s, an explanation finally came to light, because ring forts in Denmark are called trelleborgs. Trällor is an old Danish word for wooden log, and probably refers to the split logs that support the palisade of the fortress. 

Where is the Skateholm settlement and the Skateholm lady?

The Skateholm settlement, a Stone Age settlement discovered in the 1980s, is located just north of Skateholm in the eastern parts of the municipality. You can read more about the place here. The Skateholm woman, a well-preserved skeleton that was found in a sitting position and which has since been reconstructed, can be seen at Trelleborgs Museum at Stortorget (Main Square).

Where can I find toilets?

Public toilets are located at Valen Shopping Mall, Trelleborg Central Station and in the toilet building on Stortorget (Main Square). There are also toilet buildings by the Albäck forest, Dalabadet and the marinas.

Where can I exchange money?

Exchange is possible at Forex which is situated a short distance north of the ferry terminal. A map and current opening hours are available on their website

Are there any tourist offices or InfoPoints?
During summer, Smygehuk Tourist Information is open for visitors. Here you can get tips and personal recommendation for your stay. In Trelleborg there are also InfoPoints where you can ask for advice. As of summer 2023, the InfoPoints are Clarion Collection Hotel Magasinet, Trelleborgen, Trelleborg Museum, Smygehus Havsbad in Smygehamn and Tidlösa Rum in Beddingestrand. 
Where can I find maps and brochures?
On this page, you can find several free maps and magazines to download as PDFs. Printed brochures in English are available at InfoPoints around Trelleborg and at Smygehuk Tourist Information.
Where can I connect to free wifi?

In the city centre, you can find free wifi at Trelleborg Library, Town Hall and at Trelleborg Central Station. Several restaurants and cafés also provide free wifi, e.g. Espresso House on Algatan (the pedestrian street).

How will the weather and sea weather be?

There are many weather forecasters to choose from. For instance, you can look at the weather report from SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). The sea weather forecast can be found here. The coastline of Trelleborg belongs to the region Southern Baltic.

Hiking and biking

Are there any hiking trails in Trelleborg?

Skåneleden has two sections starting at Trelleborg Central Station, namely SL2 Section 22 to Fru Alstad (which then continues towards Torup) and SL5 Section 23 to Skåre. Skåneleden is marked with orange signs. Further information about sights for each section can be found in the links. A map of the entire Skåneleden can be found here. Mariavägen, part of Pilgrimsvägen, also passes through Trelleborg. It runs from Klosterträdgården in Trelleborg and largely follows the same route as Skåneleden to Fru Alstad. It then deviates and continues towards Dalby. Further information (in Swedish) and a map can be found on this page.

Where can I find hiking maps?

Follow the links for maps of Skåneleden and Pilgrimsvägen wherefrom you can also download gpx-files. Skåneleden also produces printed waterproof maps that you can buy online on this site. In addition, you can use various hiking apps such as Outdooractive, Windy Maps and Lantmäteriet’s app called Min Karta. 

Are there any bicycle routes?

The national bicycle route Sydkustleden passes through Trelleborg. You can follow it to Kämpinge and on towards Skanör/Falsterbo and Malmö or along the coast to Ystad. The cycle path is marked with red signs and the number 3. Sverigeleden, which is marked with green signs, also departs from Trelleborg. It follows nearly the same route as Sydkustleden to Svarte and then goes north through the rest of Sweden all the way to Karesuando. Visit Trelleborg has also developed its own unmarked cycle paths through the villages in the municipality. More information and maps can be found here.

Where can I rent bikes?

Bicycle rental is offered by Fribergs cykel in Trelleborg as well as at Beddinge Bike Rental in Beddingestrand. Hyr en Hoj also rents bikes at the camping Trelleborg Strand.

Where can I charge my bicycle battery?

A free charging station is available at Smygehuk Tourist Information (available around the clock).

Is there a MTB track?

Yes, in the Albäck forest in western Trelleborg there is both a 250 meter long beginner track and a family-friendly 1 kilometer long track.

Where are bicycle pumps?

There are bicycle pumps by the toilet buildings at Trelleborg C, the Main Square (Stortorget) and Smygehuk.

Nature experiences

Where are bathing spots?

A list of bathing spots in Trelleborg can be found here. Regular measurements of the water quality are performed at the public bathing spots. The results are available (on a scale of 0-3 stars) on the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

What is the water temperature?

Current temperatures along the South Coast can be found on the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. Water quality measurements from Trelleborg can be found here.

Are there any handicap-accessible bathing spots?

Yes, there is a wheelchair ramp at Dalabadet.

Where can I fish?
Rules on fishing in Skåne are provided by the County Administrative Board. See e.g. this folder in English.
Are there any recreational areas?

The Albäck forest has an illuminated exercise trail of 5 kilometers and several other nice paths that you can read more about here. It is also nice to wander around in one of the municipality’s four nature reserves, which you can read about on this website from Trelleborg Municipality (in Swedish). Further suggestions for leisure areas can be found on this page

Where can I find barbecue spots?

Here is a list of grills in Trelleborg Municipality.

Where can I ride horses?

General rules for riding can be found at the Swedish Transport Agency (website in Swedish). In the municipality of Trelleborg, it is not allowed to ride on public beaches during 1 May-31 August between 08.00 and 20.00. Riding is not allowed in the Albäck forest. In some nature reserves there are also restrictions. In Dalköpinge Meadows there are designated riding trails to follow. To try riding, you can turn to Kyrkoköpinge Ridklubb or Trelleborgs Ryttarförening.


When are the stores in Trelleborg open?

Regular opening hours are weekdays between 10-18 and Saturdays between 10-14. Valengallerian has longer opening hours and is open on Sundays. See exact opening hours here. For many other stores, you can check with Trelleborg Citysamverkan, where you will find links to their websites (where opening hours are usually included). Opening hours can often also be seen on Google Maps.

Do you have a list of the stores?

Many stores in Trelleborg are included in this list or on Trelleborg Citysamverkan’s website.

Do you have any suggestions on shopping tours?

Yes, Visit Trelleborg has created 4 different shopping tours in Trelleborg and the surrounding Söderslätt. An overview including a map is provided here

Which days are market days?

Wednesdays between 8-14 and Saturdays between 8-16 (subject to possible changes).


How far is it between Trelleborg and Smygehuk?

15 km. It takes about 15 minutes to drive or 45 minutes to bike along Sydkustleden.

Where can I park?

Here is detailed information in Swedish about parking rules at Smygehuk. In summary, 24 hour parking is allowed on the asphalted surface for ordinary cars (not campers/caravans). 6 hour parking is allowed daytime (between 7 am and 11 pm) for all vehicles on the western part of the grassy field outside Köpmansmagasinet. Parking is forbidden on the eastern part of the field (marked with signs).

Are there public toilets?

Yes, by the parking lot in connection with Road 9.

Can I charge my car?

Yes, by the parking lot in connection with Road 9. Read more here.

Is there a grill?

Yes, there is a barbecue grill at the eastern side of the outer harbor basin (near the southernmost point).

Are there buses to Smygehuk?

Yes, bus line 190 between Trelleborg and Ystad, operated by Skånetrafiken, takes you there. You embark and disembark on the bus stop called Smygehuk hamnen. During the summer, you can also travel for free with the Palm Tree Bus, a red “London double-decker” from Trelleborg.

What are the opening hours in the area?

The opening hours shift with the season. They are usually listed on the business’ website. Otherwise, send an email to and we can check for you.

Is there wifi?

Yes, free wifi is available at the tourist information between the southernmost point and the parking lot. The network is called “Trelleborg”.

Is there a tourist information?

Smygehuk Tourist Information is located by the marina, more specifically along the road connecting the parking lot and the southernmost point. It is open daily during June-August.

Are there restaurants?

In the marina, you will find Sweden’s southernmost fish smokehouse which in summer has a large outdoor restaurant where you will find both hot and cold dishes. If you are not hungry for fish, you will find Sweden’s southernmost café right next door with salads, sandwiches and cakes. A more conventional restaurant can be found at Smygehus Havsbad, which you will find in the eastern part of Smygehamn.

What is the difference between Smygehuk and Smygehamn?

Smygehamn is the town and Smygehuk is the cape itself.

Can you bathe in Smygehuk?

It is not recommended as the coast strip at Smygehuk consists of hard pointy stones. However, it is possible at your own risk.

Can you visit the lighthouse? When is it open?

Yes, the lighthouse is open for visits and offers a nice view of Smygehuk! You can visit the lighthouse most days, but to be really sure, you can contact Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel by e-mail or phone +46 73 544 93 02.

Can you live at Smygehuk?

Yes, a small hostel is situated in Smygehuk by the lighthouse. Read more here.

What happens in Smygehuk?

Keep an eye on the event calendar where most events arranged in Smygehuk can be found. Events arranged by Köpmansmagasinet can be found on their Facebook page (in Swedish).

What is there to see in Smygehuk?

You can check this page for further information. In the summer, you are also welcome to Smygehuk Tourist Information for personal recommendations!


How do I travel to Trelleborg?

You can travel by public transport (see next question). There are ferries departing from Sassnitz, Travemünde, Rostock, Świnoujście and Klaipėda to Trelleborg. See TT-line, Stena Line, Unity Line and FRS Baltic. If you come by car from the north, it is advisable to drive along Road E6/E22 from Malmö to Trelleborg. Other major roads to Trelleborg are Road 108 from Lund and Road 9 from Ystad.

Can I travel to Trelleborg by public transport?

Trains are operating on the line Trelleborg-Malmö-Lund-Helsingborg half-hourly for most of the day. You can also travel by bus, with Line 145 from Svedala, Line 146 from Malmö Södervärn, Line 181 from Vellinge/Höllviken and Line 190 from Ystad. A map showing all train and bus lines in Scania can be found here. You can also search your itinerary.

How do I get around in Trelleborg Municipality?

In the city of Trelleborg there are three city bus lines: Line 1 operating Fagerängen-Trelleborg C-Albäckshallen, Line 2 operating Gislövs läge-Trelleborg C-Högalid and Line 10 operating Trelleborg C-Kyrkoköpinge. You can also travel with regional buses within the city. These also continue to other urban centers in the municipality. For example, Line 145 goes to Alstad, Line 146 goes to Skegrie, Line 181 goes to V Tommarp and Skegrie, Line 183 goes to Anderslöv, Line 184 goes to Klagstorp and Line 190 goes to Smygehamn and Beddingestrand. You can easily search your itinerary. You can also travel by taxi with e.g. Taxi Trelleborg, Vellinge Taxi and Taxi 15900. 

How do I purchase tickets?

Skånetrafiken is selling single, 24-hour and 30-day tickets in their app (available in English). On all train stations, there are also ticket machines, you can also visit Pressbyrån at Trelleborg Central. Further information can be found on Skånetrafiken’s website. You can also purchase so-called Resplus-tickets with SJ or Samtrafiken which are valid from a starting point anywhere in Sweden all the way to Trelleborg. You cannot buy tickets on the bus or train.

Where can I find timetables?

Skånetrafiken’s timetables are available on this site. You can also search your itinerary in the app or on the website. If your journey starts outside of Scania, you can search journeys from all public transport stations in Sweden with Samtrafiken.

How far is it from the train station to the ferries?

It is just a short 5 minute walk along Hamngatan.

Which destinations do the ferries have and where are the tickets purchased?

TT-Line has departures to Travemünde (ca 7 h), Rostock (ca 6 h) and Świnoujście (ca 6.5 h).

Stena Line has departures to Rostock (ca 6 h).

Unity Line has departures to Świnoujście (ca 7 h).

FRS Baltic has departures to Sassnitz (ca 2.5 h)

Tickets are purchased from the website of each shipping company.


What are the rules for parking in Trelleborg?

In Trelleborg municipality, a parking fee applies within two zones in the central part of the urban area. However, outside the fee-charging zones in the city and in the rest of the municipality, you can park completely free of charge on all municipal street areas. Just remember to use a parking disc if a supplementary sign indicates it. Payment is made through a mobile app, voice response, or SMS via one of the three providers: Parkster, Mobill or Easy Park.

Where can I find charging locations for EVs?

Charging stations provided by Trelleborgs Energi are listed on this page.

Is there long-term parking in Trelleborg?

Yes, Aimo Park offers long-term parking. You can find detailed lists of parking fees in different locations in their app MobilPark. You can get in contact with their customer service for further information.

Where can I park my camper?

Parking spaces for campers are provided on Kontinentplan, in between Trelleborg Central Station and the ferry terminal. Further motorhome stopovers are listed here.

Where can I empty grey- and blackwater?

There are emptying possibilities by the motorhome stopover in western Trelleborg. During daytime, you can also empty cassettes by the toilet building in Smygehuk.

Where are camping grounds?

There are several camping grounds, namely Trelleborg Strand, Nybostrand and Skateholms camping. Closer descriptions and contact information are available here

Where are motorhome stopovers?

There are several to choose from, compiled on this page.

I want to camp in nature with a motorhome/caravan, can I do that anywhere?

No. The Right of Public access does not apply to vehicles and it is prohibited by law to drive motor vehicles in terrain (outside the road system) on bare ground. However, motor vehicles may be parked next to the road, provided that this can be done safely and does not hinder the landowner. In marked parking spaces and rest areas, it is normally permitted to stand for a maximum of 24 hours on weekdays. On weekends and public holidays, you can stay until the next weekday. On private roads, it is the landowner who decides whether motor traffic is permitted. Prohibition is marked with road signs. Read more from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.