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Welcome to Trelleborg and the South Coast!

Trelleborg is Sweden’s southernmost city, beautifully framed by the Baltic Sea’s glistening waters and the golden fields of the Skåne Plains. The city was named after its Viking ring fortress that once stood here and that has been partially restored. The city centre attracts many visitors with its museums, historical buildings, public artworks and fantastic shopping.

The city is the starting point for your adventures along the South Coast and the region is often described as the most “Skånish” part of Skåne. Biking and hiking trails provide easy access to nature, farm stores, cafes, galleries and sunny beaches. The crown jewel of the South Coast is Smygehuk – Sweden’s southernmost point – where the sea and the sky meet.


Trelleborg with its vibrant surrounds is often called Slättens galleria –the Plains Gallery.  Each place has its own charm, but they all have creative ideas and stylish collections in common.

The Plains Gallery

Vikingaborgen Trelleborgen


Experience the Christmas magic that the South Coast has to offer! Let yourself be enchanted by a bustling array of colorful Christmas markets, events, and tasty Christmas food.


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Trelleborg is surrounded by countryside known as Sweden’s breadbasket, where the ingredients are found – and so are the chefs. Explore self-picking and the pantry of the plains!

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Vikingaborgen Trelleborgen


Sweden’s southernmost cape with a magnificent view towards the horizon. Visitors from all over the world love Smygehuk for the sea, nature, local life, and the sense of freedom.

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