Art, Handcrafts & Galleries

Exploring Artistic Inspirations & Traditions 

Art and creativity. Moderism and Tradition. Soft and Hard. Flat and rolling. The variation, light and colours of the Skåne countryside have long inspired artists and craftspeople. Today, there are as many interpretations as there are forms of expression and inspiration can come like a bolt from the blue or after hundreds of years of tradition. 

Bjerbo Gård

Galleriet is in Dalköpinge where you will find art featuring the Skåne Plains, the stony coastline and well-known paintings of the area including the colourful Skåne Plains Ladies. The gallery is being rebuilt and will also include a café and shop.

You will find the gallery here

Galleri EP.D Design

At Gislövs läge, about three km east of Trelleborg, you will find Emma P. Dahl’s gallery and shop with her beautiful works of glass and ceramics. Courses in ceramics, pottery and glass bowing are also available here.

You will find the gallery here

Galleri IsieTio

The IsieTio Gallery can be found north of Smygehamn. Exhibitions are held at Easter, over the summer and at All Saints’ weekend in early November. It is also filled with art over three weeks in the summer.

You will find the gallery here

Galleri Alma

Artist duo Marianne Larsson and Anders Nilsson exhibit their work in an old farmhouse from the 1800s on the outskirts of Grönby. Come and take a look at the artists at work as well as their exhibitions.

You will find the gallery here

Estesio Artforum

Take the chance to be part of artist Birgitta Godlund’s creative process as she paints or sculpts her next piece right in the middle of the room! A meeting place for culture and the environment right in the heart of Beddingestrand.

You will find the gallery here

Galleri Fågel

Galleri Fågel is an arena for new and interesting contemporary art primarily from Scandinavia. A mix of paintings, graphics, sculpture and photography by both established artists as well as newcomers.

You will find the gallery here

Art & handcrafts in Smygehuk

At the southernmost tip of Sweden in Smygehuk, the huge ancient white warehouse Köpmansmagasinet stands in stark contrast to the blue of the Baltic sea and sky. Each Easter and all summer long you will find local art, handcrafts and exhibitions on two floors behind the weather-beaten double doors. Breathe in the atmosphere, admire the art and let yourselves be swept up by Skåne creativity.

You will find Köpmansmagasinet here

Design your own art tour

We have made it easy for you to have a wonderful art experience in Skåne’s southwest corner. Our Art Map will help you find artists, craftspeople and galleries who are all looking forward to your visit.

Download your map here

Public art

Trelleborg’s municipality is home to a large collection of public artworks. Download our app free of charge and find out where they all are. You can search for artworks by name, artist, place or year. You can see a number of works in 3D and listen to recordings in both English and other languages. There are also several art tours mapped out where artworks are placed on a map with directions on how to get to each one. 

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