Beach life & seafront adventures

Fishing villages, diving & surfing

Beach life is fantastic on Sweden’s southernmost coastline. From the village Skåre in the west to Skateholm in the east, the beaches and small villages are many. Here is a wonderful mix of larger beaches with parking and service and small gems where you can be at peace. Take a seat on a bathing jetty overlooking the sea and enjoy the tranquility or go diving and kitesurfing. Perhaps explore the history of the small and old fishing villages. 

Skåre skansar

Skåre is a picturesque fishing village west of Trelleborg. It has a lovely little swimming beach with a jetty and a wooded area that provides plenty of shade. By the harbour in Skåre there is a café (open sometimes). Trelleborg’s Golf club with its lovely restaurant and the Hotell Stavstensgården are to the east, towards Trelleborg.

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Nybostrand swimming beach is located east of Trelleborg. It has a jetty and a small serviced camping ground near the beach with a café and kiosk. A little to the west of the beach is pretty Gislöv with its small boat harbour, jetty and the Stetti Café & Bistro where you can enjoy great food and drinks.

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Öster Jär havsbad

Östra Beach, or Öster Järs havsbad, is the beach closest to Trelleborg. Even your four-legged friends are welcome to swim at the dog-friendly section of the beach. The 2km long sandy beach stretches all the way to Dalabadet, where there are services, including a restaurant, kiosk, jetty, minigolf and more.

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Beddinge havsbad- beach

An idyllic shallow beach that looks like something from a magazine article on the Mediterranean in the summer, but it is right here on Skåne’s South Coast! Spend long lazy days on the beach here, eat in the nearby restaurant Pärlan and enjoy having a lovely relaxing time. 

Dalabadet- beach

A local’s paradise in the eastern part of Trelleborg with a long jetty, fine sand and close proximity to both paddle tennis courts and the beach restaurant Siluett. There is also a wheelchair-friendly ramp down to the water right by the jetty. 

Skåre snorkelled

Sydkustens första snorkelled är som en naturstig, fast under vatten öster om Skåre hamn. Längs en skyltad led under vatten kan du ta del av den vackra undervattensmiljön med unika ålgräsängar och blåstångsskogar.

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Gislövs strandmark

Gislövs strandmark is a beautiful nature area along the coast east of Gislövs läge. In addition to the sunbathing on the beach and swimming, you can take the chance to visit interior design store Agdas Country Shop plus interior and exterior store Ting Ute & Inne. Locally grown produce can be purchased at Böste Grönsaker that sells seasonal vegetables.

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Äspö havsbad

East of Smygehamn is Äspö havsbad – a swimming beach with a jetty located between the coastal gems Smygehamn and Beddingestrand. Enjoy a lunch at Smygehus Havsbad or indulge in an all-you-can-eat shrimp fiesta at Smyge Fiskrökeri. And if the weather isn’t hot enough for sunbathing or swimming, there are plenty of beautiful walking tracks.

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Skateholms badplats

Skateholm’s swimming beach is right by Skateholm’s camping where you can stay right on the water. Enjoy this lovely flat sandy beach and the shallow bay perfect for children. There is also a long jetty you can swim from if you want to get out to the deep water faster.

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Harbours & fishing villages

Are you looking to spend time in a relaxing place with picturesque views over the sea? Visit Skåre, Gislöv or Smyge – once the hub for fishing along the South Coast, now the hub for boating and recreation. Both Östra stranden and Böste have their old fishing village charm intact with small cottages and narrow streets – “sträden” as they are called in Skåne. Perfect for cycling and don’t forget your camera! A great opportunity to capture unique, genuine seaside scenes.

Njut av att surfa på Skånes sydkust.

Kite- & windsurfing

Kitesurfing and windsurfing have really taken off on the South Coast. The beaches are easily accessed and there are many places to choose between depending on the wind and weather. From the west to the east:

Skåre Skansar  – a top pick on the kiting map with a little south facing beach. Best when the wind is coming from the southwest or southeast.

Beddingestrand-Skateholm  – a stretch of shallow water with good open spaces for beginners.

Abbekås & Mossbystrand  – challenging for experienced kite surfers and windsurfers, perfect for those looking for big waves. When the wind is coming from the southeast, you can also surf here.