Adventure for the whole family

Experience Trelleborg together with the children

Trelleborg and the surrounding area is an exciting area to experience together with the children. Both big and small find fun things to do and discover. Maybe you will find your own gold nuggets and can tip us, otherwise we have collected fun things to discover below.


The Viking area Trelleborgen is located almost in the middle of Trelleborg’s city center and has a café, museum and shop that are open in summer. The rest of the year you can visit the outdoor area and read exciting Viking facts on the signs. In the ponds outside the fortress, there are also frogs to look for! Feel free to bring a picnic if the weather is here!

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The Albäck forest

The forest is pierced by footpaths and exercise trails as well as a couple of artificial ponds. Around the forest there are tables, benches and also barbecue areas for those who want a picnic. Here you can play on the adventure playground and on several open fields. The best place to rake for small insects is the southwestern pond.

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The Generational Park

In the Generational Park you will find both a skate park, boules court, outdoor gym and a playground. It is located next to Parken (formerly Folkets Park) where events are occasionally organized both indoors and on the outdoor stage. The park is also close to the city for those who get hungry.

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Lovely beach in the eastern part of Trelleborg with a long jetty, fine-grained sand and proximity to both padel, playground and the beach restaurant Siluett. In other words, you can spend a whole day here! City Bus 2 goes directly to Dalabadet from Trelleborg C.

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Beddinge havsbad

Idyllic beach which appears as taken from a holiday magazine from the Mediterranean (but in Trelleborg!). Here you can spend long lazy days on the beach, eat at adjacent restaurants and just have fun. There is also a new wooden playground. Go here during the day with Bus 190 from Trelleborg C.

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Smyge kärr

Check out frogs, toads, salamanders, insects and exciting birds at Smygekärr, a unique nature area near Smygehuk. You come here by Bus 190 from Trelleborg C and get off at the stop called Smygehuk hamnen.

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The Raspberry Farm

Hallongården is located in Bodarp. Here you can pet animals and pick raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries and asparagus. In addition, there is raspberry ketchup and a lot of other goodies to have coffee on.

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Smygehuks fyr
Smygehuks fyr

Explore our History

Step into a world where people have lived and thrived for thousands of years! This extraordinary place is brimming with a rich and diverse history that will leave you spellbound. Imagine unearthing ancient graves that reveal secrets from the vibrant life along the southern coast over 7,000 years ago. Picture yourself immersed in the thrilling saga of the Viking-era Trelleborg, where fierce warriors once roamed.

Visit Trelleborg Museum

Gislöv marina

Enjoy ice cream and look at new and old boats in Gislöv marina. Bus no. 2 goes to the port from the city center and free parking is available. Stetti harbor café is open in summer and offers coffee, ice cream and other goodies. Sirmione’s shipyard has an exhibition of old boats.

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Smygehuks fyr

Smygehuk lighthouse

Smygehuk lighthouse is an 18 m high tower built of iron in 1883. After being extinguished for many years, it was re-ignited in 2001 and now guides recreational boats and local fishermen around the cape. The lighthouse is open for visits during the summer and during winter by appointment.

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Trelleborg City Park

In the City Park, you will find, among other things, mandarin ducks, musk ducks, snow geese and black swans. There are also six “Small Creatures” which are small bronze sculptures made by Ralf Borselius. Free geese, peacocks and chickens stay in the park. Popular playground.

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Smygehuks fyr


Paddle is a trend that is here to stay. Perhaps it’s because of the inclusive atmosphere where beginners and experienced players, young and old, can come together and have fun? In Trelleborg, there are many courts available, both indoor and outdoor. And when you play near the beach, you have the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in the sea after the game!

Restaurant & Coffee break tips for families with children


Family-friendly restaurant where you order small dishes, a.k.a. tapas, via an app. Cozy, fun and imaginative interior with lots to look at. Many vegan dishes and allergy-free food. Small outdoor seating in summer at the back.

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Systrar & bönor

Cozy café, restaurant and bed & breakfast in the middle of Trelleborg City on the pedestrian street. Here you can stay in nice rooms and of course eat both lunch and a small snack. Sandwiches, salads, main courses, pancakes, buns, vego, gluten-free and lactose-free options are on the menu.

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Cozy ice cream café in a garden environment a stone’s throw from the sea bath in Beddingestrand. Here you can have coffee on Scanian Otto ice cream in homemade cones, vegan ice cream from Lovice, and for tired parents there is of course coffee.

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Our best family recommdations

Watch the ferries

If you go out to the lookout in the eastern parts of Trelleborg, you will see everything exciting that is happening in the port of Trelleborg. Bring binoculars and you will see what happens when you load the big ferries. Or use one of the binoculars in place. See on a map.

Try sitting in large aircraft

At Stenbäck’s Aviation Museum you can see and climb in really big airplanes. Here are both civilian and military aircraft, engines, instruments, aircraft models and other exciting things. Read more here.

Look for frogs

Not only Vikings live at Trelleborgen. There are lots of frogs in the pond! In the summer, they sing nicely and in the shop there are both kiss-friendly and edible frogs to buy. Remember to be kind when you look at the frogs in the pond! You visit their home. See on a map.

See a real skull

At Trelleborg Museum in the exhibition Eye to Eye is the world’s most famous inhabitant of Trelleborg! It is a man who lived in the Viking Age and who had his front teeth filed in a pattern. Wonder why he did that? You will find out if you stand face to face with a picture of him that is in the museum. See on a map.

Play DiscGolf

Bring the family and play DiscGolf in Sweden’s southernmost DiscGolfPark. All you need is a disc or a regular frisbee. Read more here

Play minigolf

Challenge friends and family and play a game on the minigolf course in Beddingestrand. In the area you will find restaurants, café and ice cream kiosk. If you visit the course in the summer and want to cool off, you also have a beach a stone’s throw away. Read more about opening hours here

Visit the lime kilns in Smygehamn

For the family interested in history, a visit to Smygehamn’s lime kilns is an excellent look into the past! Take a group selfie at the lime kilns that look like Star Wars houses. Suitable if you do a tour of Smygehamn!