This website contains so called cookies. Under the Electronic Communications Act of July 25, 2003, all visitors to a website with cookies must have access to information stating that the website contains cookies, the purpose for which cookies are used and how they can be avoided.A cookie is a small computer file that websites save on your computer so that they can recognize your computer the next time you visit the website. Cookies are used on many websites to grant the visitor access to various functions. The information contained in cookies can be used to track how users are surfing. A cookie file is passive and cannot spread computer viruses or other malicious software.
Cookies are used for example to:
• Store information on how the website should be displayed (resolution, language preferences, etc.)
• Enable the use of encryption when sending sensitive information via the Internet
• Make it possible to observe how visitors use the website, thereby gathering information on how the website generally can be developed
• Link the user’s exposure to advertising on websites to his/her transactions in e-business when estimating the remuneration to be paid to the website and the advertising networks
• Gather information on user behavior in order to customize and limit the content and advertising on the visited websites to this behavior
On this website cookies are used to measure traffic, and by means of the web service “Google Analytics” which uses cookies, visitor statistics for the website is gathered. This information is used to improve the content and user experience of the website. Cookies are also used to grant the visitor access to functions for saving country/language preferences; the website then remembers these settings the next time the visitor visits the site using the same browser. Cookies also allow the user to set accessibility options.
Cookies and other technology that are stored on or gather information from the user’s computer may only be used with the consent of the user. Consent can be given in different ways, for example through the Web browser. In the settings of the browser, the user can specify which cookies should be allowed, blocked or erased. Read more about how this is done in your browser’s help section. For more information visit (In Swedish)
Please note that this website only uses cookies to simplify for the user and to enable full functionality.
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