Seal Watching

Seal Safari in Trelleborg?

Absolutely! In Skåre, west of Trelleborg, there is a marine reserve. During the autumn and January-March, seals often rest on the rocks. They are mainly grey seals and they come from the large colony at Måkläppen. Bring binoculars and keep an eye out! Remember not to get too close and avoid disturbing them. There is also an observation tower if you want a better view. The tower is located west of the harbor. A truly delightful nature experience for the whole family.



The nature reserve Fredshög-Stavstensudde covers over a thousand hectares of marine area but also includes two hectares of land. In the eastern part of the reserve, at Stavstensudde, the boundary of the nature reserve extends a bit onto land, encompassing a managed coastal meadow. This meadow was formerly a soccer field. In the area, you can find sea thrift and meadow garlic growing.


The reserve attracts many seabirds, including Whooper Swans, Laughing Gulls, Herring Gulls, and Great Cormorants. The varied bottom structure, with rocks, sand, and limestone, gives rise to rich vegetation. Additionally, the area is home to various fish species such as eels, cod, pollack, plaice, and sea trout, as well as smaller marine creatures like pouch shrimp, hydroids, shore crabs, and marine bristle worms.


Marine life

Regularly, seals, primarily harbor seals, are spotted in the reserve as they rest on large rocks west of Skåre. The seals are assumed to likely travel from a main colony located at Måkläppens Nature Reserve outside Falsterbo. The presence of seals enhances the biological diversity of the reserve, marking it as a significant location for marine life and its various species.


Practical Information

Parking spaces are available on the harbor square and on Stenhögsvägen. Please note that parking is not allowed on road 9 as it is a main thoroughfare. You can also park at the Skåre skansar beach and walk along the gravel road by the sea to the observation tower. Picnic tables are placed next to the viewing area if you want to bring snacks. There is also a fun wooden playground with a seal and nature theme.

Here you find a  map to the reserve