Birdwatching in Trelleborg

Experience a paradise for birdwatchers

Experience fascinating birdwatching on the southern coast, where the symphony of birds reveals its secrets. Skåne, with its unique ecosystems, is a paradise for birdwatchers. Bring your binoculars and explore the beautiful coastline where wetlands meet the sea, and discover everything from charming songbirds to majestic birds of prey. The southern coast has something to offer birdwatchers of all levels. Lift your gaze and enjoy the diversity of wings along the southern coast.



Here, a significant amount of bird migration occurs in a coastal environment. The area is characterized by ponds where birds often gather, Albäcksån contributes to the biological diversity and various habitats. Additionally, the location is easily accessible for visitors who want to experience and observe bird life up close.

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Located approximately 400 meters west of Smygehuk Lighthouse, is one of Sweden’s prime locations for bird migration. In spring, eider duck migration is observed, as they fly in over the land, while autumn offers the opposite direction. The location is a significant migration route for cranes, sometimes in the hundreds. A unique opportunity to witness bird migration and biological diversity.

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Stavsten Point is a significant site for many waders and for sea eagles. The point is a breeding area for both the Eurasian Oystercatcher and the Little Tern. Unfortunately, the living environment has become challenging for the Little Tern, which previously nested in several locations in the municipality. Despite challenges, the Little Tern has been designated as the Trelleborg Municipality bird by SKOF.

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Bird hotspot at Börringe Mad

In Trelleborg Municipality, just south of the border with Svedala, there is an impressive 20-hectare wetland created as part of the Tullstorp Stream restoration project. The area attracts many birds for breeding, especially birds of prey, and has become popular among birdwatchers. A designated rest area with benches, tables, and parking has further increased the visitation rate to this picturesque location.

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Birdwatching Tips

If you want to know where and how to best spot a heron or a lightning-fast kingfisher, look for a tall, green-clad gentleman with a Swarovski binocular hanging around his neck. Trelleborg municipality ornithologist Lars Sundlöf is often spotted at Albäck on cloudless days. Lars Sundlöf’s top tips:

All the lakes in the northeastern part of the municipality, near the border with Svedala, are good. Havgårdssjön, Börringesjön, Börringe mad, Grönalund and Näsbyholmssjön. Up there, there are good chances to see birds of prey. A lot of white-tailed eagles, red kites, and the occasional golden eagle. There’s a lot happening up there. Also, at Tullstorpsån and Ståstorpsån there is a lot to see when it comes to birds. Similarly, Kullatorp och Gabeljung. Maglarps sandtag for the sand martins.”


Maglarps sandtag

Maglarps sandtag constitutes a nature reserve under municipal administration in Trelleborg Municipality. The reserve originated from a decommissioned sand quarry and is characterized by a sandy environment that promotes the habitat for many species of solitary bees. Additionally, the sand cliff serves as a nesting site for sand martins.

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Like to see more?

In Skåre, west of Trelleborg, there is a marine reserve with harbor seals. They often rest on the rocks from fall to March, coming from the Måkläppen colony. Bring binoculars and observe, but do not disturb them. The lookout tower for better views is located west of the harbor. A cozy nature experience for the whole family

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