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Discover the Public Art of Trelleborg! Take a walk through the heart of the city and immerse yourself in a diverse array of statues and artworks that enhance our streets and squares. From impressive sculptures to small, charming details, each piece of art has its own story to tell.



Små varelser

They rest, play games, and hug! Ralf Borselius’s faceless creatures express a wide range of emotions. The bronze sculptures were installed in Trelleborg’s City Park in 2009 and have become a magnet for visitors of all ages!

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Nästan halvvägs

Almost Halfway, ”Nästan halvvägs”, a pole over 13 meters high with a life-sized man. The artwork is made of bronze by the renowned Trelleborg artist Fred Åberg, who also created the statues “Böst” and “Now We Bathe,” which are located in Trelleborg.

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Rumor has it that actress Uma Thurman’s grandmother posed for Axel Ebbe’s artwork “The Embrace.” The statue is located in the harbor at Smygehuk, where she reaches out towards the sea, her hair flowing in the wind, and enjoys the rays of the sun.

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At the intersection of Algatan/C-B-Friisgatan, you find yourself in the middle of the city center. Here stands Fred Åberg’s fountain “Böst,” which is one of the most beloved and photographed statues in the city. “Böst vär” by the way, means “bad weather” in the local dialect.

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Discover Axel Ebbe´s legacy

Axel Ebbes statues

In the early 1900s, Axel Ebbe was one of Sweden’s most famous sculptors, and his works can be admired in many cities across Skåne. Discover the artist’s public works in and around Trelleborg.


“What fascinates me about Axel Ebbe’s works is how classical sculpture is charged with symbolism,” says Liselott. “The breathtaking woman, Ebbe’s portrayal of the ideal woman of the past, is perhaps what captures the eye, but upon closer inspection, there is usually a twist. The beauty is juxtaposed with something slightly frightening or imaginative. For Axel Ebbe, the idea behind the works was almost more important than the results themselves, and the titles are always well-thought-out and precise.”

– Liselott Hylén, Art Superintendent at Trelleborgs Museer.

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