Architecture + nature = true!

Discover unique “works of art” in nature.

At Smygehamn’s historic lime kilns in Östra Torp rests an architectural wind shelter – Cocoon. This wonderful shelter, designed as an enchanting wooden acorn, attracts visitors with its unique fusion of architecture and the magic of nature. Here, art meets the tranquility of nature, making it perfect for a pleasant time for both adults and children to enjoy and explore.


Arknat festival

In the summer of 2022, the municipalities of Trelleborg, Svedala, and the City of Malmö had the honor of being selected for the summer’s Arknat Festival. The festival took place at Köpmansmagasinet in Smygehuk, where architecture students designed, planned, and built the wind shelters. Three unique wind shelters were constructed and placed at the lime kilns in Östra Torp, Eksholmsjön, and the Bokskogen recreational area in Torup.


Visit Cocoon

One kilometer north of Sweden’s southernmost point, you will find the lime kilns in Östra Torp. Behind them, on higher ground, the wind shelter emerges. You can reach the site from the eastern side.

Find the Cocoon

The inspiration

In the open landscape around Östra Torp, you will find the old lime kilns. These kilns carry stories from a bygone era and offer a special atmosphere when you step inside them. Light streams through the roof, creating an almost spiritual feeling. Cocoon, created by Arknat at these lime kilns, captures the unique experience of these historic spaces.


Film from Arknat

“For me personally, it is a heartwarming feeling to watch the film and remember everything. What we did, the intense moments, the process, the meetings, and all the help we received – both planned and unplanned. Following the students’ journey and seeing their development is often what leaves the greatest impression on me. With determination, a positive attitude, curiosity, and creativity, much can happen. Their journey as future community builders has had a wonderful start with Arknat, and through the film, they will always be able to look back on the weeks of summer 2022 and remember (and enjoy!) what they achieved. Creating unique places in nature for shelter, tranquility, inspiration, and togetherness.” / Martin Björklund, Project Manager

Discover Arknats wind shelters


A kilometer north of Smygehamn, you’ll find the wind shelter Cocoon, situated on a hill overlooking the old lime industry area in Östra Torp. The steep path up to the wind shelter is accessed via the eastern entrance to the area. Parking is available in the grassy area along the gravel road.

Map: Kalkugnarna Ö Torp, Smygehamn >>
Team: Arati Dhakal, LTH
Simon Rustas, Chalmers
Elsa Brynje , UMA Umeå
Gustav Marklund, UMA Umeå
Myrra Carlsson, Chalmers
Caretakers: Trelleborgs kommun

Glimta vindskydd


Just a few minutes east of the Statare Museum at Torup Castle, you’ll find the wind shelter Glimta. Parking is available at the Statare Museum or at the main visitor parking lot at Torup Castle.

Map: Bokskogen, Torup >>
Team: Anna Jogefalk, SLU Ultuna
Axel Gillblad, UMA Umeå
Evelyn Agren, Aarhus
Ville Levin Kronlid, LTH
Nora Lindgren, LTH
Caretakers: Malmö stad


Near Sturup (Malmö Airport), you’ll find the wind shelter Waterlily, beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Eksholm. Parking with information signage about the reserve is accessible from Norra Sturupsvägen. From there, it’s about a 300-meter walk to the wind shelter.

Map: Eksholmssjön, Svedala >>
Team: Lisa Landgren, UMA Umeå
Elsa Schröder, LTH
Oscar Nilsson, LTH
Emma Ejeskär, KADK
Cecilia Tandberg, UMA Umeå
Caretakers: Svedala kommun

Pictures from the project

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