The Minnesbergs tour 15 km


The start and finish of the cycling route is in Alstad, the former railway town along the old country road between Malmö and Ystad. You begin at the centrally located parking lot along road 101 in the village. Take the opportunity to visit Sartzro store (opposite the parking lot) before you set off on your tour. Cycle west along road 101. After a few hundred meters, turn right onto Gamla Minnesbergsvägen.  


The village was created and grew in connection with the emergence of Minnesberg Brickworks, which was active between 1888 and 1993. Bricks from the brickworks have been used in many houses in the village and the surrounding landscape. In the middle of the village, you pass the beautiful director’s villa, which today is used as a Bed & Breakfast, and across the street, some of the brickworks buildings are still standing. After passing Minnesbergs B&B, continue straight until the bike path begins. Follow the bike path into Svedala municipality and turn right at the sign pointing to Elinedal. Now you cycle along a section of the Skåneleden SL2 North to South (marked with small orange squares). Cycle towards Lilla Alstad (Tegelbergavägen) southwards. Here, the hilly road is surrounded by a golf course on both sides. Feel free to stop at Tegelberga Golf Club where you can enjoy a lunch at Goosebumps@Tegelberga. Continue through the beautiful landscape to road 101, the so-called Country Road that divides Sweden into two parts. Then turn left towards Anderslöv. This road is occasionally quite busy, so be careful. After about 1000 meters, turn right towards Fru Alstad. 

Fru Alstad  

Fru Alstad is a charming little village with a village well, sacrificial spring, campsite for Skåneleden, and a beautiful church. The church is a pilgrim church that is open for visits daily year-round from 8 am to 8 pm. The campsite next to the church is a nice place for a break, where there is also access to a toilet. At the village well, follow the road west towards Lilla Alstad. 

Lilla Alstad  

Follow the road west towards Lilla Alstad. Vårfruvägen is named after the Virgin Mary. When you reach the village, turn left towards Västra Alstad.  

Västra Alstad   

Continue through the cozy village where the houses are closely packed and turn towards Alstad. Once in Alstad, turn right and after a few hundred meters, you will be at the same place where you started.