3. Large Smyge tour • 55 km

Start the tour at Smygehuk Tourist Information in the marina of Smygehuk.

Cycle east along road 9 to Beddingestrand, originally an old fishing village, then a popular leisure resort and now primarily a year-round residential village. Here there are long sandy beaches with the possibility of bathing.

In Skateholm is the nature reserve Fårabackarna with meadows, sheep and a jetty. Strandheden has a rich plant flora with, for example, the fragrant meadow saxifrage. Head north onto Brunnsbovägen to Skateholmsboplatsen. Here, in the mid-1980s, remains from a 7,000-year-old hunting community with dwellings and around 70 graves were found. The finds are on display at Trelleborg Museum.

Cycle on past Beddinge ängar and the lower part of Tullstorpsån. The largely restored river meanders through the farmland like a green corridor.

Stora Beddinge
Cycle up the hill towards Stora Beddinge. At the beginning of the 20th century, the village was centered around the station where the railway between Rydsgård and Trelleborg passed. Follow the road to the right and continue straight ahead towards the main road.

Tullstorp Church & rune stone
The unusual cruciform church in Tullstorp from the 1840s is located high up in the village. A short distance north of the church is Galgbacken, where the last execution took place in 1848. In the church’s memorial grove stands Tullstorpsstenen, one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved rune and picture stones from the Viking Age. There is a signposted walking tour at the cemetery.

Jordberga castle
Jordberga castle is a baroque castle with an English-style castle park, which can be booked for tours. In 1955, Ingmar Bergman directed the film Smiles of a Summer Night here. South of Jordberga, you can visit the Tullstorpsån viewing section with a walking path, rest area and, not least, rich birdlife.

Cycle towards Hönsinge via Lilla Jordberga and Brönnestad. A short stretch along road 101 can be heavily trafficked. This is the famous “country road” that is jokingly said to divide Sweden into two equally fertile parts! Here you see the memorial stone for the poet and writer Ola Hansson, born at Rustgården in Hönsinge in 1860. Ola Hansson was the first recipient of the Gustaf Fröding scholarship in 1923.

Grönby & Norra Grönby
Continue towards Grönby and Grönby church, which has a tower, nave and chancel vault with beautiful paintings from the Middle Ages. Continue to Norra Grönby through picturesque surroundings with houses, farms and horse paddocks on both sides of the road. You pass the 19th-century farm Almviks Gård with Art Gallery Alma. You are in the middle of the hilly landscape and the road winds its way between plains and fields towards Norra Grönby. The five-storey smock mill Krattamöllan is built of greystone and oak. There were once five more mills in the area. You can now choose to follow the sign south to the Gabeljung nature and recreational area with beech forest, meadows, paddocks and marshes. Here you can see birds of prey, orchids and the edible frog species if you’re lucky! Then get back to the route.

Hällåkra Winery
The sign points west towards Hällåkra Vingård where the vines thrive on the sheltered southern slopes. Tour of the vineyard and winery must be booked in advance. 2 km to the north is the beautiful Havgårdssjön lake.

The cycle tour goes via Grönalund and Sörby to Anderslöv. Here there are shops, pizzerias, inns, etc. The oldest buildings are found closest to the church and consist of closely spaced small street houses with lush gardens. Anderslövs Gästgiveri dates back to the 17th century. The church is located on a hill which is probably an old sacrificial and burial place. At the square is Anderslöv Museum. The book “Cop Killer” by Sjöwall/Wahlöö largely takes place in Anderslöv and its surroundings.

From Anderslöv it is about 17 km to Smygehuk and there are two suitable travel routes:

• Fröjdenborg-Vallby-Stora Isie-Östra Torp-Smygehuk
• Norra Åby-Södra Åby-Lilla Isie-Västra Torp-Böste-Smygehuk.