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Welcome to Trelleborg

Not quite “Waterloo”, but still a place that has a lot to offer. Trelleborg is Sweden’s southernmost city, beautifully framed by the Baltic Sea’s glistening waters and the golden fields of the Skåne Plains. The city was named after its Viking ring fortress that once stood here and that has been partially restored. The city centre attracts many visitors with its museums, historical buildings, public artworks and fantastic shopping. Want to get a lasting memory from Trelleborg? Why not get a “Tattoo” that will make you feel “Euphoria”? We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Trelleborg and that it leaves you with “Unforgettable” memories.   

Must- Do Bucketlist

    • Indulge in a traditional Swedish “fika” at a local café and savor some classic Swedish pastries such as cinnamon buns or chocolate balls. A must!
    • Visit “Böst,” a unique statue depicting six pairs of girls’ legs in high-heeled shoes closely together under an umbrella structure. Strike a pose in front of it and feel like a true Eurovision star!

    • Take a selfie with a real Viking! Explore Trelleborgen and its Vikings, just like a true adventurer, and check out the museum’s exhibition. (Open Thursday-Monday)

    • Visit Trelleborg Museum and meet “The 7000-Year-Old Woman,” a well-preserved Stone Age woman who is one of the museum’s most fascinating exhibitions. Take a picture with her and learn more about ancient history. (Open Tuesday-Sunday)

    • Stand at the southernmost tip of Sweden, where the country meets the sea. Take a spectacular picture and enjoy the beautiful view of the Baltic Sea.

    • Celebrate Eurovision and take part in Bubble Week, local offers.

    • Talk to a local and learn a Swedish word.

    • Take a picture at the glimmer wall at the Central Station.

Bubble Week

Experience the excitement of Trelleborg during Eurovision Week! From May 7th to May 11th, immerse yourself in our colorful shopping festival, where unique offers abound. 

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Travel information

To get to Malmö, take the train! All trains from Trelleborg Central Station goes through Malmö. Tickets can be bought via Skånetrafikens app or at Pressbyrån at the Central Station. You can´t buy tickets on the train. More info on what´s good to know when you are in Malmö, click here.

Stations in Malmö:


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